Monday, March 22, 2010

We've made the switch!

Cloth diapers (made from organic indian cotton) here we come!!!

Not only are they more environmentally friendly (did you know MY baby diapers are still sitting in a landfill somewhere?? EW!!) but they are also much cheaper!
We ordered ours from and spent about $130 ish including the shipping! Not too shabby if you ask me... we were spending about $80 a month before on disposable diapers! Plus we wont have to buy any for our future kids!!! TRIPLE BONUS!!

We ended up buying 3 diaper covers (thirsties brand), 24 pre folds, 3 snappi's (to hold the pre fold in place instead of diaper pins), and a "wet bag" to put the dirty diapers in before we wash them.

And I've begun to make our own wipes! It's reallllly easy! And saves us about $15 a month! I'll post the how-to soon :)

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