Friday, March 26, 2010

Nolan & 'Blankie'

My baby boy has a recieving blanket (more like 80 of them...) that he loves to drag around the houes and cuddle with at night.
After a long day of helping mommy pack for the new house, he cuddled up in his boppy, with his paci and blankie in hand and fell asleep.

Laying down to relax...

Sound asleep :-)

My Baby
Ten little fingers, ten little toes -
Rosy little lips, and a button nose.
So soft and cuddly with a baby sweet smell.
Eyes so full of trust that I just can't fail.

I know a gift of God you had to be -
How else could something so perfect come to me?
You wiggle and snuggle, gurgle and coo -
Do you know of all the love in my heart for you?

Your eyes are getting heavy,
as off to Dreamland you go -
To dream of teddy bears, kittens,
and your Mother's love, I know.

I hold you close, and look at you with awe-
as a little silent prayer I say --
"Thank you God, and please help me mold
this little life the right way."

I put you in your crib so gently, and
turn to blink away the tears.
You're my baby now, but I know it's
just for a few short years.

Martha Benton

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