Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Inspiration

Today, I want to post an idea that I borrowed from
I totally LOVE her blog and recommend it because she is an amazing photgrapher and inspirational mother. But be warned!! It's addicting :) in a good way.
She posted a picture a few months back of a craft she created with thick twine and kids mittens.

So we decided to replicate the look and here is what we ended up with. Along with a bunch of make-you-feel-good compliments.

We found the gloves for a $1 each at Jo Anns and the twine was $6 for a large spool, which we have used in various other projects so it's definitely worth it!

And as naptime is approaching, I will leave you with this quote:
"Disect a mother's heart and see that the properties it doth contain- what pearls of love, what gems of hope. A mother's heart beats not in vain." Caleb Dunn

Oh, and this :)

Happy Thursday.

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