Monday, April 5, 2010

Croup... :-(

Saturday was my birthday but I spent the evening of it, and all of Sunday, at the hospital with Nolan.
Saturday night he went to bed at his normal bedtime, 8, and then woke up around 11 not really able to breathe. He was gasping for air and trying to cry/cough. I figured it was croup (thanks, nursing school!) but we took him to the hospital to make sure it wasn't anything more dangerous.
Sooo glad we took him because he ended up having severe croup and not responding to the breathing treatments. They decided to admit him to childrens hospital and try a steroid treatment. Once the steroid was given, they needed to watch him for 6 hours. Next thing we knew, 6 hours became 14 and it was 8 pm Sunday. We were running on very little sleep and food. Nolan's schedule was all off so he just wanted to sleep in our arms the whole time.
I have to say it made me miss when he was a newborn and he used to fall asleep in our arms...
But he is now home and is acting like he feels well. He still coughs from time to time, but having the windows open has helped him a lot!

They had to put a mask on him when we got to the ER:

And he was put in a purple hospital gown (they were all out of boy gowns!)...

Poor little guy, let's hope we never have to go back there again!

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